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Experience Finland

Are you looking to experience culture in Finland? Is wellbeing your thing? Are you looking to unwind and relax? Maybe you love the outdoors and can’t wait to get out to nature? Or you simply love food and you’re looking for the next best culinary destination?

Welcome to Finland!

We have it all here – in our weirdly wonderful and unexpectedly unique way. Finland is one of the best places to experience pure and clean nature, unique cultural experiences, pure and organic food and to take a break from everyday life, even a digital detox. After all, a Finnish sauna is no place for a mobile phone.

Scroll down to find information about all the wonderful things to experience in Finland.

Finnish culture

Contrast is the main ingredient in Finnish cultural life, probably because everything looks and sounds different from our northern perspective.

This may explain heavy metal music played on cellos and films almost completely without dialogue. It’s all a bit quirky, wouldn’t you say? In addition to those sweet little breaks in conversation during small talk, Finns love sauna and nature – so much so that most of our art has a deep connection to it. You can also see our connection to nature in architecture and design. The best way to experience Finnish culture is to become a part of it. Here, you won’t just stand and watch – you’re invited to join in. Come over and find your inner Finn!

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Finns appreciate simplicity and honesty in all things. Food included.

 Finnish food culture is not yet a household name but along its Nordic counterparts, it’s making a splash. Everything starts with pure ingredients from nature, and less is usually more. When it comes to ingredients and recipes, each Finnish region has its own delicious character. We are passionate about our food and we know how to celebrate it. We are fiercely loyal to our culinary roots and proud of our local traditions.

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In the rush and crush of modern life, the rarities are what Finns value most, such as space, quiet and time.

The traditions of Finnish lifestyle go back hundreds of years but the essentials have remained the same. The space to breathe, time to dream, hiking in summer, cross-country skiing in winter, gathering berries and mushrooms or simply a gentle walk in the woods. And sauna, naturally. These are some of the elements that make Finland one of the happiest countries in the world. And it can make you happy as well – come and give it a try!

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To be truly free, all you need is the untouched wilderness and a touch of madness in your blood.

Finland offers a wide range of year-round outdoor activities for all tastes. Being a country of opposites and contrasts you can truly enjoy your stay with each of your senses. Finland is a clean and quiet country where the feeling of space, the calm of the wilderness and the bustle of the lake districts is present throughout the year. Go for a run, hike or bike ride and experience the four seasons and four regions of Finland – outdoors!

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Looking to add a touch of luxury to your life? In Finland, it’s not about marble and gold.

In Finland we interpret the word “luxury” a bit differently than you may be used to. Instead of lavishness and glitter we offer you a chance to slow down, to breathe, to connect with one another and feel a sense of lightness in just… well, being. Enjoy a cup of coffee surrounded by the majestic Nordic nature of Finland, sleep under the Northern Lights in a glass igloo or stay in a boutique hotel. In Finland, luxury is all about the life-changing experiences.

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