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Meet Santa Claus in Lapland
2 minute read
Santa Claus looking at the camera

Credits:: Juho Kuva

All your answers about Santa

With Father Christmas preparing for the season, we spoke with one of his elves to learn more about Santa Claus, or joulupukki, as he’s called in Finland.

Since Santa is a mysterious fellow, you might want to ask him your questions in person. Travel directly to his home in Lapland, northern Finland, where you can see him for yourself!

Who is Santa Claus?

Haven’t had a visit from Santa? You must have been naughty!

Only kidding, of course. To Finns, Santa is a jolly fellow and an ambassador of goodwill from Lapland, Finland. In your country, he may or may not be an important part of the Christmas holiday.

Father christmas carrying a large gift bag
Credits: Juho Kuva

How old is Santa Claus? When was Santa born?

Santa is easily side-tracked. When asked, he began counting on his fingers before digressing into a discussion about Finnish Christmas traditions, old and new.

Is Santa from the North Pole?

Don’t be silly – he’s from Lapland, Finland! But he has flown over the North Pole many times, and he says it’s awfully cold.

Santa Claus stepping out the door into the snow
Credits: Juho Kuva

Where can I meet Santa?

Santa Claus hails from Finland’s mysterious Korvatunturi (“Ear Fell”) in Lapland. But you can meet him in Rovaniemi, the official hometown of Santa, on any day of the year.

Santa throws snow in the air in front of the city of Rovaniemi
a line highlighting the arctic circle latitudes, people walking under the line
Credits:: Visit Rovaniemi

Can I send Santa a letter? What’s his address?

Santa Claus’s personal post office has received thousands upon thousands of letters from children in 199 countries. But because he’s magical, he reads them all! You can send a letter to Santa using this address: Santa Claus, Santa Claus’s Main Post Office, 96930 Napapiiri, Finland.

Does Santa really have reindeer?

He sure does. There’s actually a song about one of them! If you’re interested in seeing reindeer in person, here’s some advice. You might even spot Rudolph!

a close up of a reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh
Credits: Visit Rovaniemi